Friday, April 08, 2016

When CPO Futures Has Reached Targets - 1

As CPO Futures traders can refer from the CPO Futures blog that we had finished the first quarter of this year with a gross profit of 117 ticks or equivalent to RM2,925.00 per contract size basis from the 15 stop and reverse trades. Click HERE if you wish to see the stop and reverse trades for year 2016.

It seems that we have a good start for the second quarter but the focus is still on the stop and reverse trade signals that we wish to find a target level before we call it a day.

We will continue updating the stop and reverse trade signals until the end of year 2016. However, we will assume a job done once a certain profit target level is reached. For example, we may call a 50% rate of return as the target from a conservative seed capital of RM20,000 per contract size basis.

Therefore, with the above 50% assumption, we have already generated accumulated profits from the technical trend indicator with 117 ticks of profit as mentioned above and we just need another 283 ticks in order to reach 400 ticks accumulated profits or the 50% rate of return profit target from the RM20,000 seed capital based on one contract size basis.

We will publish the second post in this blog or update in this post once we have the stop and reverse trade signal that help accumulating profit of more than 400 ticks. Let's see when can we reach the target!

(20/5/2016 update: The technical trend indicator has basically reached its 400 ticks target.)
(26/5/2016 update: 360 ticks accumulated profits based on the stop and reverse signals.)
(30/6/2016 update: 405 ticks in 6 months, target hit much earlier than expected.)

Friday, April 01, 2016

Better Malaysia - 1

After writing about the Malaysia Malaysian Better Future one over year ago, here is another write-up that I wish to share with all readers about the best video clip that all Malaysian must take full concentration to view. This is the first time that so many political divide VVIPs attending the "So Amazing" Convention Centre in Shah Alam.

Spare yourself FIVE hours and listen carefully because it is once in the life time we are able to see them sitting together for a better Malaysia.

Desktop view click HERE and Mobile view click HERE

Year 2016 will be another challenging year but we will probably not be able to see again all these veterans making speeches in a "small" hall being allowed for us to view online!

Help pass the above links to all your friends.

We deserve a better future.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

What Is CPO Futures Doing Now?

Hello technical trend traders! What is the CPO Futures doing now!?

After taking a few months of 'doing nothing' (as my lovely kids always like to utter the two words after watching the Peppa Pig, the British animated TV series), I am starting to write and publish some words or updates in this blog while leaving the CPO Futures blog and 101 Indicators blog untouched.

Novice technical trend traders are encouraged and advised to read the above 2 weblogs page by page that I did try my very best to write all about technical trend trading especially in futures trading on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives with some guidance from the Trading CPO Futures @ Bursa Malaysia Derivatives and 101indicators On Futures Trading books.

Go to the CPO Futures blog and you will find that there are stop and reverse trades signals since the beginning of this year that many traders have visited the page even though there is a much "delayed" data. Just keep visiting the CPO Futures blog and you will find there is a new trade signal in due course!

Not much I wish to write about for now. However, what I wish to tell traders that the stop and reverse trades have given a positive figure in the first quarter of this year, as generated in the computerised model of trading strategy. This is like making a quarterly report for a business entity in order to gauge the business survival and therefore technical trend traders can systematically track down the real performance beside doing back-testing on a technical trend indicator.

Be a disciplined trader.